Return of experience on four years of measurements
on the RIBOU dam

The Ribou dam located near Cholet was commissioned in 1957. It is a 160m long, 15m high arch dam holding 3.2 million m3 upstream from Cholet and Nantes. This dam was used as a pilot for our R&D work in the validation phase. Since 2018, it is equipped with a seismological monitoring system (feasibility study) on which we have added in 2020, an AD- SIGNUM system in parallel.

The two devices allow to follow the natural frequencies of the structure, in particular that of a mode at 18Hz which shows a seasonal variation quite normal and in agreement with the HST modeling for this type of structure.
For more information: SHM-France.

Ribou Dam Result

AUDACE Project - Connected Bridges (CEREMA) - Trignac

On April 12, 2022, our partner SISGEO - France installed a PROBE-2 sensor for the implementation of the AD-SIGNUM solution on an SNCF railway bridge near Saint Nazaire. The installation took place within the framework of the AUDACE Connected Bridges project (led by SISGEO with partners SNCF-Réseau and LEMTA/Université de Lorraine).

After a short week, the parameters have been adjusted, the first results are in and all the lights are green, both for the instrument and the structure. The AD-SIGNUM solution, fully automatic and autonomous at D+7, highlights 3 natural frequencies.

The issuance of an alert for the structure is automatic thanks to the continuous interpretation of the probable natural frequencies by our self-adapting algorithm.

At the sensor level, shock and tilt variation (as well as some internal parameters) are continuously monitored and can also be automatically alerted.



Using geophones enables more accurate detection of structural movements, which also means a better anticipation of protection and maintenance measures.


With AD-SIGNUM devices, real-time alerts are instantly sent to the administrator via SMS or emails, as soon as the first anomaly is detected.


The optimized model of the signal processing designed by AD-SIGNUM enables just to send valuable data. Hence a minimum cost for the user.


The overall energy footprint of the solution contributes to a more sustainable economy: ultra-low system power consumption, no massive data storage and reduced maintenance.


AD-SIGNUM solutions outperform the periodic controls imposed by the regulations by analyzing the behavior of your infrastructures continuously, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


AD-SIGNUM solutions offer a great ease of deployment without impacting the availability of your infrastructure. The use of proven technologies and the absence of consumables reduces maintenance to a minimum.